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Bellevue Avenue Reconfiguration
A Measure DD Project

Measure DD Bellevue Ave DrawingProject Description

This project will reconfigure Bellevue Avenue for better access and parking accommodations, as called for in the text of the Measure DD Bond.

The design is yet to be developed but likely will reflect these access and circulation provisions of the Lake Merritt Master Plan:

  • "Part of Sailboat House parking lot [on Bellevue] to be converted into park space. A few spaces would be preserved for handicapped, loading and boat trailer parking."

  • "Bellevue Avenue, in Lake Merritt Park, to be widened by eleven feet. This would allow for diagonal parking on both sides of Bellevue Avenue, replacing the spaces lost at the Sailboat House parking lot.

  • "...the intersections of Grand Avenue and Bellevue, at both the park entrance and exit, to be narrowed. This would provide a safer and more pedestrian friendly crosswalk across Bellevue."


More Information

Visit the City of Oakland Lake Merritt Master Plan page






Development. Measure DD bonds: $3 million.
Maintenance. The project will be maintained the City of Oakland.

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