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Crowley Site at Brooklyn Basin: Shoreline Enhancements
A Measure DD Project

Project Description

Measure DD Brooklyn Basin ProjectOne of the few vacant sites along the waterfront, the Crowley Site at Brooklyn Basin (site outlined in blue) provides an opportunity for a visual connection to the water from the freeway and adjacent neighborhoods.  It also offers an opportunity for limited commercial development combined with shoreline access.

Bay Trail LogoThe project will close a .1 mile Bay Trail gap.




More Information

Visit Waterfront Action's page on the Embarcadero area shoreline for an overview of this region.


Project on hold, awaiting East Bay Regional Park District plan and request for possible funding from DD for them to implement the trail.


Development. Measure DD bonds: $3.3 million.
Maintenance. The project will be maintained the City of Oakland with funds provided by the Landscaping and Lighting Assessment District.

Location & Sky View

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