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Creek Restorations and Watershed Acquisitions
A Measure DD Project

Cinderella Creek Restoration PhotoProject Description

With Measure DD's focus on water quality, projects have included restoration of selected Oakland creeks and acquisition of critical watersheds.  Locations are detailed below.


More Information

View the City of Oakland 1/29/2014 Project Report, with description, images, plans, funding detail, and status for selected creeks.

Visit the City's Oakland Creeks Watershed Improvement Program web page

View a sample illustrative plan for a creek restoration project

View the prioritized list of Creek Restoration and Watershed Preservation and Acquisition projects adopted by City Council 12/20/2005



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Claremont Creek tributary restoration at Garber Park
Temescal Creek restoration near Rockridge Greenbelt
Creek native plantings of Shepherd Creek at Escher Drive
Shepherd Creek restoration at Shepherd Canyon Park
Watershed acquisition in Beaconsfield Canyon
Sausal Creek restoration at Dimond Park  (2014)
Cinderella Creek restoration in Joaquin Miller Park
Watershed acquisitions in Butters Canyon
Peralta Creek restoration in Butters Canyon
Lion Creek Restoration at Lion Creek Crossings 
Arroyo Viejo Creek restoration at Oakland Zoo
62 Acre watershed acquisition in Near Dunsmuir House


Development. Measure DD bonds: $5.5 million for restoration, $4.5 million for watershed acquisition. 
Acquisition and restoration grants from:
California State Parks Habitat Conservation Fund Grant
Union Pacific Railroad mitigation funding
Oakland Army Base mitigation funding
Alameda County Flood Control & Vvater Conservation District
State of California River Parkways Grant
Department of Water Resources Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Grant
East Bay Regional Park District
Maintenance. The project will be maintained the City of Oakland with funds provided by the Landscaping and Lighting Assessment District.

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