Martin Luther King Regional Shoreline

This 741-acre park is leased from the Port of Oakland by the East Bay Regional Park District, which operates the park as a protected marshland with a focus on nature. Park activities include picnicking, bird watching, fishing, hiking, biking, and non-motorized boating. Save the Bay operates one of its native plant nurseries onsite.

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More Information

East Bay Regional Parks District's page on the Martin Luther King Shoreline describes park features, activities and trails.

Damon Marsh Walk, a tour from Oakland Museum's Guide to East Bay Creeks


Complete and open. [100%]

East Bay Regional Parks is developing a new unit at the northeast end of the park near Tidewater Avenue in Oakland. This new unit will include the Tidewater Aquatic Center.


East Bay Regional Parks District.

Shoreline Center

The Shoreline Center is an indoor/outdoor facility that can be rented for corporate events, weddings, parties, etc. For more information call at (888) 327-2757.

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