Oakland Post

October, 2007 

Dellums' Port Nominees It's Gordon, Uno!

Oakland Mayor Ronald V. Dellums has completed his search for the two individuals he will appoint to become members of the City's Port Commission, a key component in his economic agenda going forward. "Margaret Gordon and Victor Uno are longtime Oakland residents who know how to get things done," said Mayor Dellums.

"These selections embody my interest in addressing the critical and wide-ranging issues facing the city's air and waterways, reflecting the importance of appointing individuals who are capable of understanding both the economic and environmental impact of the various Port facilities." Both Uno and Gordon are residents of Oakland. The City Council will vote on their appointments Tuesday, October 2nd.

The Port Commission oversees the Port of Oakland, which runs the nation's fourth-largest container port in the country as well as the expanding Oakland Airport. Over 600 people are employed by the Port, which manages 19 miles of waterfront land, generating almost $300 million a year in revenue.

Over the last decade, Margaret Gordon has been respected locally as a strong voice of reason and intellect not only in her West Oakland community, but regionally as well. The longtime health and environmental advocate has earned statewide respect on Port issues. A recipient of the 2007 Alameda County Women's Hall of Fame award, Ms. Gordon is one of the founding members of both the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project and the Alameda County Stakeholder Project for the Environmental Health Tracking Project. In 2006, Ms. Gordon was a presenter at a Port-related conference concerned with trucking, shipping and logistics sponsored by the Intermodal Maritime Association, while also contributing to the development of two community-based participatory research reports and the publications, "Neighborhood Knowledge for Change" and "Reducing Diesel Pollution in West Oakland". Moreover, during this period she was instrumental in the design of the 7th St/McClymonds Corridor Neighborhood Improvement Initiative and was co-Chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee, the group assembled to oversee replacement of the Cypress freeway following the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989.

As a staff member of the Pacific Institute's Community Strategies for Sustainability and Justice, Ms. Gordon was a planner and presenter for the San Francisco Bay Area's first regional conference on reducing diesel pollution and improving public health. The event titled, “Ditching Dirty Diesel” brought together community organizations, environmentalists, public health groups, including the American Lung Association, and government officials to focus on asthma and other health problems related to diesel air pollution. In 2007, Ms. Gordon became co-Chair of the Port of Oakland & Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the Maritime Air Quality Improvement Plan (along with Omar Benjamin and Jack Broadbent, Head of BAAQMD). Most recently, Ms. Gordon, who herself, suffers from asthma, co-authored the Healthy Home Indoor Air Quality Project that relates to the reduction of diesel exposure and other toxics for residents in West Oakland and was selected to serve on Governor Schwarzenegger's statewide committee on State Goods Movement Action Plan.

Victor Uno, who is currently a National Board Member for the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, AFL-CIO, and the business manager for the International Brotherhood Electrical Workers Local 595 began his career twenty five years ago installing new rail lines, lights and power along one of the Port of Oakland berths. Since then, he has initiated an apprenticeship training program to train future skilled craftspeople, also spending time as a Community College instructor at Chabot College (1987-1989). His other experience includes his work as a Facilities Department Electrician at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (1989-1999). As well as his experience in the field, Uno has also served on many boards and has extensive trustee experience. Currently, he serves as a Board member for the Asian Health Services, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, Oakland APOLLO Alliance, and East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy, among others. Since 2002, Uno has been a Trustee for the Alameda County Electrical Apprenticeship Training Trust, Maritime and Aviation Project Labor Agreement Social Justice Trust, and in 2007 assumed the role of 2nd Vice President for the Alameda County Central Labor Council.