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The following documents are published here as an archive of Waterfront Action letters, presentations, articles with citation, and public comments:

To City Council re: Support for remainder parcel sale proceeds for Measure DD maintenance 4/22/2015
To Water Quality Board re: Oak to 9th Marsh Restoration 1/4/2015
To BCDC re: Oak to 9th Marsh Restoration 1/4/2015
Comment re: nonconforming structures at JL Pavilion 7/21/2014
Comment re: Public Trust issues at JLS 5/23/2014
Support for Lake-Bay Trail Connection Grant app. 5/9/2014
Comment re: extension of JLS Development Agreement 12/18/2013
Support for Bicycle Bridge grant 3/7/2013
Support for historic preservation of Ninth Ave. Terminal 3/4/2013
Support for Lakeside Green Street OBAG grant 3/7/2013
Support for Alameda VRF Transit grant 2/28/2013
Opposition to billboards at Army Base project 9/17/2012
Support for Bicycle Bridge Feasibility Study grant 2/22/2012
Support for Cryer Site Brownfields grant application 11/16/11
Opposition to proposed change in name of Bay Trail 3/28/2011
Support for CalTrans Transit Study grant 3/25/2011
Support for BCDC requirement of Oak-9th interim Bay Trail 12/9/2010
Support for Cryer Site Brownfields grant application 10/6/2010
Support for Estuary Crossing project study 11/26/2008
Lake Merritt Channel Project funding request 11/10/2008
Lake Merritt Channel grant support 11/6/2008
Support of grant request for LM Bird Island project 8/8/2006
Funding support for "50-Foot Dredge Project" 5/6/2006
Comments re: Oak to Ninth DEIR 10/23/2005
Support of Oakland Army Base Trust Exchange Act 4/8/2005
To BCDC re: mitigation funding for impacts of 5th Ave overcrossing construction 3/17/2005
To Barbara Lee re: appropriations for Oakland projects 4/17/2004
Support of AB 1876 3/26/2004
Support of request for Urban Park Grant 2/29/2004
Public Trust considerations for OUSD property 2/17/2004

The Public Trust Doctrine and the Modern Waterfront: Protecting the Environment and Promoting Water-Related Economic Development California State Lands Commission workshop.
Waterfront Pioneers: Thirty Years Ago and Today Waterfront Center Conference Panel A-1, New York, NY 10/28/2011
Waterfront Access - The Everlasting Issue Waterfront Center Conference Panel C-1, Seattle, WA 10/23/2009
Urban Waterfronts 18: Oakland 2000 Waterfront Center Conference Presenter & Chair of local conference committee, Oakland, CA 10/16-28/2000

Articles with Citations
Waterfront Advocates, Local Regulators Fight for Marsh Restoration at Brooklyn Basin East Bay Express News Blog 12/29/2014
An Environmental Setback at Brooklyn Basin East Bay Express 11/5/2014
Waterfront tower debate shifts to Oakland Oakland Tribune 5/19/2014
Bay Trail Is Inching on, Neither Easily Nor Cheaply New York Times  9/24/2011
Lake Merritt transformation on the horizon Oakland Tribune 6/27/2011
State Lands Commission OKs land swap for Oak to Ninth development  Oakland Tribune 6/28/2010
Port Commission Considers New Bay Bridge Billboard Deal Berkeley Daily Planet 11/27/2007
Business concerns delay waterfront plan Oakland Tribune 7/17/2007
Ninth Avenue Terminal: Wine's haven?  Oakland Tribune 4/1/2007,
Fighting over the soul of Oakland waterfront: Vast housing plan raises issues of affordability, accessSan Francisco Chronicle 11/30/2005
Commission to weigh Oak to Ninth plan Oakland Tribune 9/25/2005
Group illuminates the waterfront Oakland Tribune 2/13/2005
Airport casino plan subject of hearing San Francisco Chronicle 12/7/2004
Dinner a wink to 'scoundrel' founder Oakland Tribune 5/20/2004
Spotlight on Oakland Waterfront Oakland Tribune 3/30/2000

Public Comments
Comments before SF Bay Conservation & Development Commission
Comments before Port Commission, Port of Oakland
Comments before Califorina State Lands Commission


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