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Our Vision

We envision a vibrant shoreline edge that invites people to come to the waterfront. The water's edge can be at a creek, a stream, Lake Merritt or the Oakland Alameda Estuary. Water can restore our energies, refresh our outlook and provide endless entertainment in observing the actions of the wildlife (both two legged and four legged).  The edge can also be a place for walking, strollers, bicycles and joggers, or just sitting on public benches or grassy slopes. The Oakland Alameda Estuary is rich in possibilities and adventures: watching the giant cranes lifting the containers off the ships from other lands; observing a snowy egret poised to catch a fish; viewing Canada geese trying to monitor their goslings at Lake Merritt; seeing someone trying to kayak for the first time.  All of this is possible and is happening every day. Our vision is one in which each of us has the opportunity to explore this wondrous edge.

Everyday is a special one on the water. Let's open this vibrant shoreline to its citizens.

From Vision to Project

The San Francisco Chronicle article, Bridging design and function:
Architecture of redone park invites citizens to the bay
reviews a new and daring public project that provides an intriguing example of this vision.



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