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Waterfront Action's mission is to promote public access to the Oakland-Alameda Estuary and Lake Merritt through public awareness, education, and direct action.


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Measure DD Administrative Support.  Since 2009, Waterfront Action has focused its efforts on serving as Administrator for the Oakland Measure DD Community Coalition.  We schedule Coalition meetings, reserve meeting venues, publish agendas and announcements, take and disseminate meeting minutes, and create, maintain, and publish Coalition web pages.

Public Meetings.  Waterfront Action has held public meetings devoted to waterfront improvements, plans, and developments. These sessions, once regularly scheduled, have been suspended following the recession and related decline in development. The meetings have brought together community members, developers, agency and government officials to consider issues and projects related to our region's waterfront.  To get a sense of the scope of these sessions, view the history of our meeting agendas.

Public Education.  We provide a website and E-mail newsletter that communicate current information about the estuary, Lake Merritt, and Measure DD progress.  Waterfront Action provides an educational booth at a range of public events and fairs.  We publish interactive maps to inform the public, including an Oakland-Alameda Waterfront Public Access Map, Oakland-Alameda Waterfront History Map, and Oakland Measure DD Progress Map.  View our Learn More page to see our range of education topics.

Public Voice.  Waterfront Action speaks in support of the Estuary Policy Plan and Lake Merritt Park Master Plan in public meetings and forums.  In addition, we offer advocacy and express our positions in letters and articles.  View our document archive to see examples of our public voice.

Special Projects.  Each year, we undertake special projects aimed at increasing public awareness and use of our waterfronts.  Examples include:


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