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Cal vs. University of Washington, 1914Beginning in the 1870s, rowing was the most widespread form of recreational boating on San Francisco Bay. As late as World War I, rowing clubs out-numbered yacht clubs in the region.

Oakland was at the center of the 1870s rowing fad. The protected and accessible waters of the Estuary and Lake Merritt provided ideal settings for rowers and spectators alike. Rowing regattas became annual events drawing big crowds. But by 1913, only the Alameda Boating Club and University of California crews remained on the Estuary. In recent years, rowing has regained some of its former popularity. The University still rows on the Estuary. Companies such as Sea-Land sponsor whale boat rowing crews. Dragon boats and outrigger canoes race on the Estuary. The Oakland Women's Rowing Club, the Lake Merritt Rowing Club, and the Oakland Strokes still find the Estuary and Lake Merritt ideal settings.

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