Boathouse Home to Olympic Gold  

Ky Ebright BoathouseThe Ky Ebright Boathouse has been home to the University of California crew since it was built in1924. It is named after the legendary Ky Ebright, who coached Cal eight-oared crews to three Olympic Gold Medal and many national championships. Inside are facilities for athletes including showers, lockers, and meeting rooms as well as storage space for the boats. The Estuary outside is one of the best rowing areas in the country. It offers 11 miles of protected waters and is one of the few courses in the nation where a straight three mile race can be held.

Since 1993, both men's and women's teams have been using this boathouse. Quarters have become cramped. The Cal Alumni are working with the Port of Oakland to identify a site to build a new boathouse for this world famous team.

Peter Lippett
Friends of Cal Crew

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Update: Part of the historic Ky Ebright boathouse was incorporated into the new T. Gary Rogers Rowing Center that opened in 2004 - just down Glascock Street from its original location.  Peter Lippett, Friends of Cal Crew, 2009

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