Pioneer Aviators at the Oakland  Airport 

Amelia Earhart at a press conference in Oakland, ca. 1935The Oakland Municipal Airport attracted numerous pioneer aviators. In 1927, it was the newest and best airport on the Pacific Coast. Amelia Earhart was among those to fly in and out of Oakland's airport. In 1931, she landed at Oakland after the first transcontinental flight of an autogiro. In 1935, she landed in Oakland after a flight from Hawaii, the first pilot to navigate the Pacific alone. But in 1937, she took off from Oakland on a round-the-world flight and disappeared in the Pacific. Despite a massive search, no trace was ever found.

Charles Kingsford-Smith was another pioneer aviator to set records. In 1928, he took off from the Oakland Airport in the first attempt at the 7,300 mile flight across the poorly charted, storm-wracked Pacific to Australia. Seven days later, with stops in Hawaii and Fiji, he landed safely, the first to link the two continents by flying.

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