Cranes Alight at Encinal Terminals  

Crane at Encinal TerminalEstablished in 1925, Encinal Terminals is one of the few remaining general cargo facilities on the Estuary. Built by the Alaska Packers and the California Packing Co., it included a basin carved out of the marshland, wharves, and large transit sheds. Initially, much of the cargo consisted of food products of the California Packing Co., bearing the brand name Del Monte.

Encinal Terminals played a pioneering role in the development of containerized shipping. This revolutionary system of cargo handling was first used by Sea-Land in New Jersey in 1956, and then by Matson Lines and Encinal Terminals in 1958-59. Encinal Terminals has the honor of being the first fully operational system with the installation of its high-speed container crane in 1959. The crane was designed and built by another Alameda company, Paceco, at its plant on the Estuary. Containerization revolutionized cargo handling around the world, with the Port of Oakland at the forefront of the transformation.

Woodruff Minor

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