Waterfront History Map Project Credits

GIS Map by courtesy of East Bay Regional Park District


Portions of the project's content from the Oakland Museum of California's 1996-97 exhibit: "Walk Along the Water, Oakland's Dynamic Waterfront". 

Contributing authors: Annalee Allen, Beth Bagwell, Andrew Cohen, Deborah Cooper, Albert Del Masso, Carolyn Douthat, Louis Goldblatt, Robin Grossinger, Otto Hagel, Robert Kidd, Steven Lavoie, Peter Lippett, Woodruff Minor, James R. Moore, Sharol Nelson-Embry, Christopher Richard, Ann Richter, Kerry Salisbury,  Earl R. Warren, Dan Westerlin, Jody Zaitlin.

Walk Along the Water exhibit digital capture by Sarah Threlfall.

Historical markers by courtesy of the City of Oakland; project leadership by Kathryn Hughes.  Marker design by Chris Kent, PGA Design.

Project research and coordination by Deborah Cooper, Waterfront Action Board member.  Web map design and photography by Bill Threlfall.

Project Awards

This map received the 2009 Oakland Heritage Alliance  Partners in Preservation Education Award.

This map received a 2009 Excellence on the Waterfront Clearwater Award from the Waterfront Center of Washington D.C.


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