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Waterfront Action Donation Form

Please print this page, complete and mail it, together with your check to:

Waterfront Action
Attn: Contributions
P.O. Box 11456
Oakland, CA 94611-0456

Please make checks payable to "Waterfront Action".

        (Please Print)

Full Name: ___________________________________________

Street Address: _______________________________________

City, State, Zip: _______________________________________

E-mail Address: _______________________________________ (needed for newsletter)

Telephone Number: ___________________________________

Donation Level / Check amount:

____ $25.00 - California Gull (the Gull is 21" long with a wing span of 54")

____ $50.00 - Snowy Egret (the Snowy Egret is 24" long with a wing span of 41")

____ $75.00 - Great Blue Heron ( the Great Blue Heron is 46" long with a wing span of 72")

____ $100.00 - Brown Pelican (the Brown Pelican is 48" long with a wing span of 84")

____ Other - Least Tern (Most endangered species, the Tern is 9" long with a wing span of 20")

Your receipt for your tax-deductible contribution will be sent by E-mail.  E-mail communication saves us money, but if you have no E-mail, we'll send your receipt by US mail.

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