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Billboard Campaign 

To promote public awareness and interest in our region's waterfront opportunities, we have spearheaded the local publication of eight billboards with waterfront themes.
The billboard project, which is an outgrowth of the "Year of the Estuary" campaign, was led by Waterfront Action in collaboration with East Bay Regional Park District, Jack London Aquatic Center, Port of Oakland, City of Oakland and City of Alameda. The project was made possible by contributions from each of the partners and was completed economically due to special rates for non-profit organizations courtesy of Clear Channel Outdoor.

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Each billboard highlights a waterfront activity and the theme:
"The waterfront is for everyone."  In addition, each shows the web address for Waterfront Action's Year of the Estuary Events Calendar.

In late September 2005, eight billboards were placed at Oakland locations assigned by Clear Channel and remained up for 30 days or longer:

  • Scene: Crown Beach in Alameda

    Kite surfer billboard

  • Scene: Crown Beach in Alameda

     Beach billboard

  • Scene: Bay Trail in Alameda with view of Oakland

     Oakland skyline billboard

  • Scene: Fisherman at Arrowhead Marsh in MLK, Jr. Regional Park

    Fisherman billboard

  • Scene: Family viewing of SF Bay from East Shore State Park

    Family fishing billboard

  • Scene: Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland

    Middle Harbor Park billboard

  • Scene: On the Estuary at Jack London Aquatic Center

    Crew billboard

  • Scene: Windsurfing on SF Bay off East Shore State Park

    Windsurfer billboard



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