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Open House &
Public Meeting Highlights

On March 30 and April 9, 2005, the City of Oakland hosted two open house community meetings designed to:
- provide information about the
  Oak to 9th plan and its schedule;
- review community issues;
- gain public input;
- discuss future opportunities for  public involvement.

Photo of Oak to 9th ModelThe March 30 open house attracted more than 80 attendees.

The event included a brief formal presentation, but most of the time was allotted for public review of the plan model, posters, and literature.  Representatives from Oakland Harbor Partners, CirclePoint, and the City of Oakland were on hand to respond to  questions.  CirclePoint organized break-out sessions to elicit community input regarding the plan.



Photo of Mike Ghielmetti


Mike Ghielmetti of Oakland Harbor Partners reviews features of the model with interested attendees.



Photo of Patrick Van Ness



Patrick Van Ness of Oakland Harbor Partners responds to public questions.





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