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Oakland's Measure DD

Measure DD LogoIn November 2002, over 80% of Oakland voters passed Measure DD, a $198.25 million bond measure focused on waterfront improvements at Lake Merritt and the Estuary. Funded projects include parks, trails, bridges, a recreation center and an arts center, land acquisition, and creek restoration. These projects are being phased in over a number of years.

As of June 1, 2021, this is page is no longer being maintained.

The City of Oakland now provides information about Measure DD at

Information about the Measure DD Community Coaliition is at

This page is the work product of Waterfront Action, Inc. for the Oakland Measure DD Community Coalition, an independent group of citizens that is not affiliated with the City of Oakland.


Measure DD Community Coalition
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Measure DD Progress
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Measure DD Community Coalition

The Measure DD Community Coalition is an independent group of citizens that was formed to establish an ongoing dialogue between the City of Oakland and interested members of the community on how this historic bond measure is being implemented. 

Coalition background and overview 
Participating Organizations

Coalition meeting photo

Coalition Meetings

The group meets bi-monthly and is open to anyone interested in finding out more about the Measure DD Bond implementation:

  Meeting Schedule Materials
  January 20, 2020
Lakeside Garden Center
  March 16, 2020
Lakeside Garden Center
Meeting Cancelled 
Community Update
  May 18, 2020
Virtual online meeting
  July 20, 2020
Virtual online meeting
  September 21, 2020
Virtual online meeting
  November 16, 2020
Virtual online meeting
  January 18, 2021
Virtual online meeting
  March 15, 2021
Virtual online meeting
  May 17, 2021
Virtual online meeting
  July 19, 2021
Virtual online meeting
  September 20, 2021
Virtual online meeting
Minutes (revised)
  November 15, 2021
Virtual online meeting
  January 17, 2022
Virtual online meeting

Minutes of past meetings

Document Archive


Subscribe to Coalition e-mail announcements:

To receive meeting announcements and other Measure DD Community Coalition updates, write to mperlmutter@oaklandca.gov


Measure DD Progress

Measure DD Map ThumbnailMap:
View an interactive map showing the
location and status of all measure DD projects

Completed Projects:
Union Point Park
Cryer Site Extension of Union Point Park
Bay Trail Segment: Alameda Avenue
Bay Trail Segment: Fruitvale - High St. gap closure
66th Avenue Gateway
12th St. Reconstruction & Park
Pergola Restoration at Lake Merritt
East 18th St. Pier Restoration
Lake Merritt Municipal Boathouse Restoration
Lake Merritt Water Quality Improvements
Lake Merritt Retaining Wall Restoration & Repair
Lakeside Park Central Irrigation System Controller
Lakeside Park Fire Protection System
Lakeside Park Sailboat House Renovation & Restoration (phase 1)
Lakeside Park Sailboat House Renovation & Restoration (phase 2)
Cleveland Cascade Park Renovation
Children's Fairyland sets, theaters & Fairy Music Farm
Studio One Arts Center Renovation
East Oakland Aquatic Sports and Recreation Facility
Derby / Lancaster Pocket Parks
Livingston Pier
Bellevue Avenue Reconfiguration
Lakeside Green Streets
Lake Merritt Trail Improvements (nearly complete)
Creek Restorations:  Temescal at Rockridge; Lion; Shepherd at Escher; Shepherd at Park; Cinderella; Arroyo Viejo, Butters Canyon, Claremont Creek, Sausal

Projects under construction:
Lake Merritt Channel Improvements at 10th St.

Projects scheduled for construction soon:

Projects awaiting design, permits, funding supplements, negotiations, etc:
Lake Merritt Channel Improvements at 7th St.
Estuary Bay Trail Connections  
Estuary Park
Crowley site at Brooklyn Basin
Bay Trail Around 3 Bridges to Alameda
Watershed Preservation and Acquisition - ongoing

DD Bay Trail Projects
Bay Trail Gap Tracking Chart  -

Bay Trail gap report July 3, 2017 -
  status of each Oakland Bay Trail gap closure project - City of Oakland.  

Bay Trail Project Schedule - Per DD Manager July 2018

Waterfront Trails Implementation Status  March 2021


City of Oakland Resources

City of Oakland Measure DD Projects Page

Lake to Bay Trail Bridge Project planning page

Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission agenda page

Watershed Program Lake Merritt web page, which lists information about the Lake Merritt Water Quality Technical Committee

  City of Oakland Progress Documents
Project status summary May 17, 2021 -
  a status report for each Measure DD project - City of Oakland. 

Project updates report March 2014 (12mb) -
  listing detail, images, and status for selected projects - City of Oakland

  Public Art
City of Oakland Public Art Project highlights, which includes many art projects wholly or partially funded by Measure DD. 

Measure DD Public Art Program 2011 photos.


Measure DD Project Maintenance and Operations

Measure DD projects are constructed with grants and general obligation bond funds, but by law these funds cannot be used for ongoing maintenance and operation costs.  Existing City of Oakland Public Works staff have been reduced, so volunteer groups have stepped forward to help maintain the wonderful improvements from Measure DD:

Lake Merritt Weed Warriors
WeedWarriors Logo
Following a model used successfully at the Morcom Rose Garden, an ad hoc group of citizens have organized themselves to be trained by Public Works staff to perform assigned tasks such as mulching, weeding, deadheading flowers and general cleanup. People who wish to work on their own schedule can adopt a specific planter bed.

Those who wish to join a monthly work party, typically held on the last Saturday of every month, can sign up to receive email invitations. If you are interested in joining this effort, please subscribe to Weed Warriors Workday Email Announcements.

See the Weed Warriors page at Lakemerritt.org for workday schedule details and photos.

Learn more at the Lake Merritt Weed Warriors web page and the Lake Merritt Weed Warriors Facebook page where you can see photos and view the workday schedule.

The Clean Lake Initiative
The City of Oakland’s Clean Lake Initiative focuses on cleanup, maintenance, monitoring, education and volunteer coordination at Lake Merritt. The City contracts with the Lake Merritt Institute to carry out these goals. Volunteer sessions are regularly held on Tuesday and Saturday mornings or you can get the combination to the "You Clean It" supply boxes and work on your own schedule. Contact Dr. Richard Bailey at (510) 238-2290.

Friends of the Pergola  (Now in planning)
PergolaThis group of local citizens will "adopt" the Pergola at the north end of the lake, providing oversight and maintenance for this restored historic structure.  Details forthcoming...

Oakland Adopt a Spot
Adopt a Spot Logo
The City of Oakland has established the Adopt a Spot Program to coordinate volunteer maintenance efforts by citizens, community groups, and businesses.  Adoptions can include parks, creeks, median strips, blocks, storm drains, streets and curbs. More information and contacts at (510) 238-7630  or  www.facebook.com/AdoptaSpot.

Other Related Volunteer Organizations
Other volunteer groups that support maintenance of parks adjacent to Lake Merritt include the Oakland Parks and Recreation Foundation, Friends of Cleveland Cascade and The Gardens at Lake Merritt.


Community Workshops on Measure DD Projects

  Schedule Announcement 
  December 10, 2011
10:30 AM & Noon
Sausal Creek Dimond Park Restoration
Public Meeting

April 5, 2011 

Sausal Creek Dimond Park Restoration
Public Meeting


April 11, 2011 
11:30AM - 1:30PM

Snow Park/Harrison/20th/Lakeside Community Design Review


April 13, 2011 

Snow Park/Harrison/20th/Lakeside Community Design Review

  March 28, 2014
Lake Merritt to Bay Trail Connection Community Workshop
  August 7, 2014
Lake Merritt to Bay Trail Connection Community Workshop#2
  October 17, 2018
Estuary Park Design - input and ideas
Meeting report
  December 5, 2018
Estuary Park Design Concepts
Meeting report
Meeting slides
  January 31, 2019
Estuary Park Conceptual Design Presenation
Jack London Aquatic Center
RSVP to a.sabo@circlepoint.com


Measure DD Photographs and Videos

View photos of the May 21, 2018 Measure DD Community Coalition meeting courtesy of Lakemerritt.org

View photos of Lake Merritt birds, gardens, people, art, and the Lake Merritt Weed Warriors at work at Lakemerritt.org

View Oaklavia Opens Streets to Celebrate the Renewal of Lake Merritt, a StreetFilms 5-minute video of "Love Our Lake Day", June 9, 2013

View photos of 12th St. reconstruction progress on Oakland 12th Street Project blog

View YouTube time-lapse video of 12th St. reconstruction work by Oakland 12th Street Project blog.

View pictures on Flickr tagged "MeasureDD".   
View as slide show.


Grants and Fundraising

Measure DD has effectively leveraged Oakland citizens' bond funds by winning grants to help fund portions of projects.  Following is a summary of the more than $60 million in grants received through March 2014:

  Source Grant Measure DD Project
  Prop 40 Urban Stormwater $30,000 12th St. project
  Rotary Club $100,000 Municipal Boathouse entry
  Prop 50 Coastal Conservancy $8 million 12th St. project
  Prop 50 Coastal Conservancy $1 million Lake Merritt Water Quality
  State Parks Habitat Fund $700,000 Lion Creek project
  Mitigation Funds $649,000 Lion Creek project
  Alameda Cty Flood Control $1,800,000 Lion Creek project
  State Parks Habitat Conservation $500,000 Lion Creek project
  State Parks Habitat Conservation $200,000 Lion Creek project
  Prop 40 Roberti-Z'berg $400,000 Arroyo Viejo creek at Zoo
  Coastal Conservancy Grant $400,000 Arroyo Viejo creek at Zoo
  Prop 12 Murray-Haden $473,000 Studio One
  StopWaste.org $30,000 Studio One
  PG&E Design Energy Saving Pgm $16,000 Studio One
  Prop 40 Urban Parks Act $3 million East Oakland Sports Center
  Measure WW $6 million East Oakland Sports Center
  Prop 12 $500,000 Waterfront Trail
  State Rec. Trails Program '04 $410,000 Waterfront Trail
  State Rec. Trails Program '05 $450,000 Waterfront Trail
  Transportation Devel. Act $253,621 Waterfront Trail
  SF Bay Trail (ABAG) $193,000 Waterfront Trail
  Congestion Mgmt. Agency $598,000 Waterfront Trail
  Bay Area Air Quality Mgmt Dist $350,000 Lakeshore bike lanes/trail
  State Rivers and Parkways '07 $1.8 million Sausal Creek restoration
  Integrated Water Mgmt. Plan $500,000 Sausal Creek restoration
  State Dept. Water Resources $540,000 Sausal Creek restoration
  SF Bay Trail (ABAG) '07 $400,000 Waterfront Trail
  State Rec. Trails Program '07 $600,000 Waterfront Trail
  State Trans Fund for Clean Air '08 $125,000 Waterfront Trail
  Federal Highway Bridge Program $13.8 million 12th Street project
  State Natural Resource Agency $2 million 10th Street project
  Measure WW $100,000 Channel to Bay Trail
  Assoc. of Bay Area Governments $100,000 10th Street Project
  Federal Transportation Act $827,000 Bellevue Project
  Alameda Transportation OBAG $9 million Green Street Project
  Alameda Transportation OBAG $1million Bellevue-Garden Ctr. entry
  Prop 12 '08  $300,000 E. 18th St Pier
  Measure WW $500,000 Fairyland entry
  East Bay Municipal Utilities Dist. $1 million 10th Street project
  SF Bay Trail (ABAG) '13/14 $100,000 Channel to Bay Trail
  Alameda Transportation OBAG $600,000 Channel to Bay Trail
  Measure WW $1 million Dunsmuir Creeks Pres.


Measure DD in the News

Lake Merritt at heart of Oakland's renewal September 13, 2014, San Francisco Chronicle
Oakland celebrates Lake Merritt revival June 10, 2013, San Francisco Chronicle
Thousands flock to Lake Merritt to celebrate the Oakland park June 9, 2013 San Jose Mercury News
Love Our Lake Celebration Draws Big Crowd To Oakland  June 9, 2013 KPIX CBS Television
Lake Merritt's gateway to bay reopened February 22, 2013, San Francisco Chronicle
Oakland Mayor Quan officially opens Lake Merritt estuary channel February 22, 2013, San Francisco Business Times
Oakland's Lake Merritt Reconnected To Bay, Boaters Celebrate February 22, 2013, CBS SF Bay Area
2012 Facility of Merit Winner: East Oakland Sports Center   October 19, 2012, Athletic Business Newswire
Tree planting starts at huge Lake Merritt dam project   October 18, 2012, San Francisco Business Times
East Oakland Sports Center a spark of life  November 2, 2011, San Francisco Chronicle
Recreational facility for low-income area of CA, East Oakland Sports Center, completes  October 12, 2011, World Architecture News
Bay Trail Is Inching on, Neither Easily Nor Cheaply  September 24, 2011, New York Times
New East Oakland Sports Center Opens to the Public  July 1, 2011, Oakland North blog
Cleaning Up: Recent improvements are giving Oakland's residents cleaner waterways  Summer, 2011, Energy & Infrastructure
Lake Merritt transformation on the horizon  June 28, 2011, Oakland Tribune
Demolition Project Should Reduce Odor from Lake Merritt  June 14, 2011, Bay Citizen
After Long Wait, Lake Merritt Restoration Takes Shape  June 9, 2011, Wall Street Journal wsj.com San Francisco Bay Area edition
In Oakland, many a creek runs through it  June 9, 2011, Montclarion
Major changes coming to part of Lake Merritt, April 19, 2011, KGO Assignment 7
Oakland project restoring Lake Merritt's sparkle   September 16, 2010, San Francisco Chronicle
Lake Merritt Is Set to Get Prettier  May 7, 2010, NBCbayarea.com Local News
Oakland breaks ground on $32M Lake Merritt fix  May 6, 2010, San Francisco Business Times
Bid for 12th Street project $8 million below forecast May 6, 2010, Oakland Tribune
Demise of the World's Shortest Freeway - Groundbreaking Ceremony May 6, 2010, East Bay Bicycle Coalition blog
Non-Profit group completes preservation of Butters Canyon, March 14, 2010, KTVU
Neighbors' work to save Butters Canyon pays off  March 5, 2010, San Francisco Chronicle
Oakland awards McGuire & Hester $32M contract for Lake Merritt fix March 4, 2010, San Francisco Business Times
Bay Trail Still Faces Roadblocks February 3, 2010, East Bay Express
Measure WW's One Year Report Card (includes Measure DD watershed preservation acquisition in partnership with East Bay Regional Parks) December 30, 2009, East Bay Express
Two Oakland activists work to keep Lake Merritt safe, clean and accessible for everyone November 30, 2009, Oakland Tribune
Bidding to start for Oakland’s 12th Street Dam rebuild October 8, 2009, San Francisco Business Times
Lake Merritt Boat House restored to glory August 6, 2009, Oakland Tribune
East Oakland Sports Center breaks ground after decades of work June 29, 2009, Oakland Tribune
MLK shoreline gets nature-inspired art May 2, 2008, Oakland Tribune
Historic pier restoration a sign that Measure DD is finally meeting its promise  July 19, 2008, Oakland Tribune
Amphitheater construction begins July 19, 2007, Oakland Tribune
Loving the Lake paving paradise May 27, 2007, San Francisco Chronicle
Lake Merritt project stalls March 15, 2007, San Francisco Chronicle
Lake Merritt renovations already facing obstacles October 30, 2006, Oakland Tribune
Neighbors unearth hidden Oakland gem (Cleveland Cascade) September 5, 2006, Oakland Tribune
Studio One arts facility has rich history August 6, 2006, Oakland Tribune
Lake Merritt face-lift gathering supporters May 4, 2006, San Francisco Chronicle
Oakland's Rotary clubs mark anniversary by giving back February 25, 2005, Oakland Tribune
Oakland: $300,000 to help fix man-made waterfall (Cleveland Cascade) February 10, 2005, San Francisco Chronicle
Volunteers giving new life to long-buried fountain near Lake Merritt October 22, 2004, San Francisco Chronicle
Lake Merritt overhaul is beginning to take shape March 26, 2004, Oakland Tribune
Lake Makeover: Plans for Oakland's 'jewel,' waterfront make ballot July 11, 2002, San Francisco Chronicle




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