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Measure DD Community Coalition - Document Archive

Measure DD LogoAs of June 1, 2021, this is page is no longer being maintained.
The City of Oakland will provide current information at oaklandca.gov.

The following documents are published here as historical reference material for the Measure DD Community Coalition.

Documents are :

Measure DD
Text of DD Bond Measure (clean copy)
Text of DD Bond Measure & Voter Information (scanned)
Measure DD Ballot Flyer

Coalition Formation
Coalition Statement of Purpose 4/12/03
The Measure DD Implementation staff report approved by City Council on July 15, 2003, which on p.5-6 recognizes and supports the formation of a Measure DD community Coalition organization 6/10/03
Supplemental Implementation staff report re: the role of the Measure DD Community Coalition 6/24/03
Coalition of Advocates for Lake Merritt (CALM) and the History of Measure DD: The Creation of Lake Merritt Boulevard, 8/21/13

Expense Tracking
Audited Financial Statements as of 1/26/2020
LM2BT Measure DD Expense Summary 9/21/2020
Audit Request 1/20/2020
Bond Category III Expenditures 9/13/2018
Expenditures by Bond Category 3/19/2018
Audited Financial Statements as of 6/30/2012
Financial Overview Report to Coalition as of 9/19/11
DD Fiscal Update as of 3/9/07
Audited Financial Statements as of 6/30/06
DD Capital Expenditure Plan 7/15/03 & 1/26/05 recommended update
DD Expense Tracking 12/30/04
DD Capital Expenditure Plan 5/30/03  (needs update)

Impacts from Homeless Encampments at Peralta Park 8/17/2018
Staff Recommendation & Report: Allocation of Series 2017C 11/22/2016
DD Fund Reallocation Report 1/29/14
DD Update to Council 6/9/09
DD Update to Executive Team 4/12/07
DD Report to Council 2/8/05
Staff Report with recommendations re: the role of the Coalition 6/24/03
DD Implementation staff report 6/10/03

Council Resolutions & Attachments
Resolution: Allocation of Series 2017C 11/22/2016
Resolution: Authorizing a Cooperative Agreement With the County of Alameda For the Implementation of the BayTrail Project At the High Street Bridge July 12, 2011
Resolution No. 79649 C.M.S Exhibit A: prioritized list of Creek Restoration and Watershed Preservation and Acquisition projects 12/20/2005
Resolution: Acceptance of Coastal Conservancy Funds for 12th St.
Resolution: Measure DD Coalition Administration Contract
Resolution 77965: Measure DD Appropriations 7/2/03

Coalition Position Statements & Advocacy Letters

Position statement re: Brooklyn Basin marina expansion  1/20/2021
Letter to Council re: use of Measure Q funds in budget.  5-25-2020
Endorsement of parcel tax measure for parks maint etc.  11/19/2019
Letter of support for OMCA  Museums for America grant  11/11/2019
Comments on Downtown Oakland Specific Plan & draft EIR  11/5/2019
Letter of support for OMCA gardens Our Town grant  8/20/2019
Position statement re: Funding maintenance  5/20/2019
Position statement re: Estuary Park Renovation  1/21/2019
Letter re: engineering agreements for Bay Trail progress  7/16/2018
Position statement re: Bay Trail Advocacy  5/21/2018
Letter re: Encampments at Lake Merritt & Channel  3/20/2018
Letter re: Homeless Encampments at Channel  1/29/2018
Letter re: Proposed A's stadium site  10/2/2017
Letter to EBRPD re: Crowley site development  9/19/2017
Letter to Council re: Bay Trail Priority  1/6/2017
OPW response re: special allocation for maintenance 7/6/2016
Letter to OPW re: special allocation for maintenance 6/3/2016
Letter to Council re: action on "Remainder Parcel DDA 6/8/2015
Letter to Council re: Lake Merritt maintenance funding 6/2/2015
Letter: Proposed allocation of "Remainder Parcel" Sale Proceeds 5/4/2015
Letter: "Remainder Parcel" Sale Proceeds for DD maintenance 1/27/2015
Letter to Water Quality Board re: Oak to 9th Marsh Restoration 1/20/2015
Letter to BCDC re: Oak to 9th Marsh Restoration 1/20/2015
Letter to PG&E re: tree trimming in Glen Echo Creek area 5/20/2014
Request to BCDC to maintain Oak to 9th Public Access Schedule 5/19/2014
Letter of support for Lake-Bay Trail Connection Grant app. 5/15/2014
Letter to Council re: budget priority for DD project maintenance 3/25/2013
Letter of Support for Bicycle Bridge Feasibility Grant 3/8/2013
Letter of Support for Lakeside Green Street OBAG Grant 3/8/2013
Request to Port Commission for mitigation of delay at Oak-9th 11/20/2012
Updated request to BCDC for Interim Bay Trail at Oak-Ninth 11/20/2012
Letter to Peralta CCD Chancellor re: Right-of-Entry Agreement 7/17/2012
Letter of appreciation to Eric Niemann re: 12th St. Photo Blog 7/16/2012
Letter of appreciation re: garden maintenance near Lake Chalet 11/30/11
Letter of support for Cryer Site Brownfields Grant application  11/16/11
Letter of support for Cryer Site Brownfields Grant application  10/6/10
Request to BCDC for Interim Bay Trail at Oak to Ninth 9/7/10
Position statement and recommendation on view corridors 3/16/10
Coalition comments on re-zoning re: Lake Merritt & environs  12/18/08
Coalition position statement on Oak to Ninth development Jun 05

Model Advocacy Letters for adaptation by Coalition members or organizations:
Model letter to city officials urging elevated priority for Bay Trail
Right-of-Entry Agreement model letter to Peralta Chancellor
High Street Bridge model letter to County Supervisor
Brooklyn Basin/10th Ave. Marina model letter to Port Commissioners
Army Corps Bay Trail easement model letter to legislators


2015 Eastlake Music Festival Report 5/23/2015
2015 Eastlake Music Festival handout - side1  5/23/2015
2015 Eastlake Music Festival handout - side2  5/23/2015

Love our Lake Day Program 6/9/13
Coalition narrative handout from Love Our Lake Day 6/9/13
Council resolution honoring the organizers, producers, and attending staff of Love Our Lake Day 7/17/2013
Love Our Lake Day Video by StreetFilms 6/9/2013
Lake Merritt Blvd. Celebration Committee 4/30/13
Lake Merritt Blvd. Celebration Committee 4/3/13
Lake Merritt Blvd. Celebration Committee 3/21/13
Lake Merritt Blvd. Celebration Committee 3/7/13
Lake Merritt Blvd. Celebration Committee 11/8/12

"Remainder Parcel"

Letter re: Coalition Review of Wind & Shadow Impact Studies 1/8/2015
City response to DD letters and documents 11/18/2014
Letter re: 12th St Remainder parcel 10/30/2014
East Bay Housing Organization Letter re: "Remainder Parcel" 10/10/14
Subcommittee report to Coalition on "Remainder Parcel" meeting 7/14/14
Letter re: proposed development of 12th St. Remainder parcel 5/21/2014
Table of affordable housing projects in Oakland 2013-2014

LM2BT Bridge

Design Revisions & BCDC DRB Comments  4-8-2019
Proposal for Measure DD funding 8-29-2017
Consensus summary of above proposal 1-15-2018
Comments re: above proposal 1-15-2018
Proposal for Measure DD funding updated 1-12-2018


Channel Improvement Project Request 9/17/2020
Lake to Estuary Committee Summary 5/20/2019
Background for Lake to Estuary Committee Summary 5/20/2019
Bay Trail Gap Tracking Chart
Bay Trail Subcommittee Crowley Site recommendation 9/14/2017
Bay Trail Subcommittee press release 3/5/2017
Simple map of gaps in Bay Trail 3/5/2017
EBRPD map of gaps in Bay Trail 9/19/2017
Homeless Encampment Task Force Proposal 9/19/16
Self-guided Walking Tour Proposal 9/19/16
Agenda Committee Guidelines 3/21/16
Series C Residual Priorities (aka: "Wish List") 11/16/15
Final Report DD "Lake Merritt Blvd Walking Tour" Task Group 11/16/15
Lake Merritt Needs Survey 3/17/2015
Revised 18th St. Pier nameplate preferred by Coalition 9/16/13
Sketch of 18th St. Pier nameplate preferred by Coalition 5/20/13
Joint presentation to Port Commission with Bay Trail staff 3/14/13
Transcript of Commission discussion following above presentation 3/14/13
Measure DD Public Art Program Presentation 3/19/12
Preliminary Plan for Lakeside Garden Center Entrance 5/22/10 
Lakeside Garden Center Gate Design Rendering 5/22/10
Pictures of sample kiosk and guard rail by Jack London Aquatic Center
  discussed 1/22/07, 4/16/07
Lake Merritt Projects FAQ 4/4/06
List of Council-approved As-Needed Consultants 3/16/04



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