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Measure DD Community Coalition - Document Archive

Measure DD LogoThe following documents are published here as historical reference material for the Measure DD Community Coalition.

Documents are :

Measure DD
Text of DD Bond Measure (clean copy)
Text of DD Bond Measure & Voter Information (scanned)
Measure DD Ballot Flyer

Coalition Formation
Coalition Statement of Purpose 4/12/03
The Measure DD Implementation staff report approved by City Council on July 15, 2003, which on p.5-6 recognizes and supports the formation of a Measure DD community Coalition organization 6/10/03
Supplemental Implementation staff report re: the role of the Measure DD Community Coalition 6/24/03
Coalition of Advocates for Lake Merritt (CALM) and the History of Measure DD: The Creation of Lake Merritt Boulevard, 8/21/13

Expense Tracking
Audited Financial Statements as of 1/26/2020
LM2BT Measure DD Expense Summary 9/21/2020
Audit Request 1/20/2020
Bond Category III Expenditures 9/13/2018
Expenditures by Bond Category 3/19/2018
Audited Financial Statements as of 6/30/2012
Financial Overview Report to Coalition as of 9/19/11
DD Fiscal Update as of 3/9/07
Audited Financial Statements as of 6/30/06
DD Capital Expenditure Plan 7/15/03 & 1/26/05 recommended update
DD Expense Tracking 12/30/04
DD Capital Expenditure Plan 5/30/03  (needs update)

Impacts from Homeless Encampments at Peralta Park 8/17/2018
Staff Recommendation & Report: Allocation of Series 2017C 11/22/2016
DD Fund Reallocation Report 1/29/14
DD Update to Council 6/9/09
DD Update to Executive Team 4/12/07
DD Report to Council 2/8/05
Staff Report with recommendations re: the role of the Coalition 6/24/03
DD Implementation staff report 6/10/03

Council Resolutions & Attachments
Resolution: Allocation of Series 2017C 11/22/2016
Resolution: Authorizing a Cooperative Agreement With the County of Alameda For the Implementation of the BayTrail Project At the High Street Bridge July 12, 2011
Resolution No. 79649 C.M.S Exhibit A: prioritized list of Creek Restoration and Watershed Preservation and Acquisition projects 12/20/2005
Resolution: Acceptance of Coastal Conservancy Funds for 12th St.
Resolution: Measure DD Coalition Administration Contract
Resolution 77965: Measure DD Appropriations 7/2/03

Coalition Position Statements & Advocacy Letters

Letter to Council re: use of Measure Q funds in budget.  5-25-2020
Endorsement of parcel tax measure for parks maint etc.  11/19/2019
Letter of support for OMCA  Museums for America grant  11/11/2019
Comments on Downtown Oakland Specific Plan & draft EIR  11/5/2019
Letter of support for OMCA gardens Our Town grant  8/20/2019
Position statement re: Funding maintenance  5/20/2019
Position statement re: Estuary Park Renovation  1/21/2019
Letter re: engineering agreements for Bay Trail progress  7/16/2018
Position statement re: Bay Trail Advocacy  5/21/2018
Letter re: Encampments at Lake Merritt & Channel  3/20/2018
Letter re: Homeless Encampments at Channel  1/29/2018
Letter re: Proposed A's stadium site  10/2/2017
Letter to EBRPD re: Crowley site development  9/19/2017
Letter to Council re: Bay Trail Priority  1/6/2017
OPW response re: special allocation for maintenance 7/6/2016
Letter to OPW re: special allocation for maintenance 6/3/2016
Letter to Council re: action on "Remainder Parcel DDA 6/8/2015
Letter to Council re: Lake Merritt maintenance funding 6/2/2015
Letter: Proposed allocation of "Remainder Parcel" Sale Proceeds 5/4/2015
Letter: "Remainder Parcel" Sale Proceeds for DD maintenance 1/27/2015
Letter to Water Quality Board re: Oak to 9th Marsh Restoration 1/20/2015
Letter to BCDC re: Oak to 9th Marsh Restoration 1/20/2015
Letter to PG&E re: tree trimming in Glen Echo Creek area 5/20/2014
Request to BCDC to maintain Oak to 9th Public Access Schedule 5/19/2014
Letter of support for Lake-Bay Trail Connection Grant app. 5/15/2014
Letter to Council re: budget priority for DD project maintenance 3/25/2013
Letter of Support for Bicycle Bridge Feasibility Grant 3/8/2013
Letter of Support for Lakeside Green Street OBAG Grant 3/8/2013
Request to Port Commission for mitigation of delay at Oak-9th 11/20/2012
Updated request to BCDC for Interim Bay Trail at Oak-Ninth 11/20/2012
Letter to Peralta CCD Chancellor re: Right-of-Entry Agreement 7/17/2012
Letter of appreciation to Eric Niemann re: 12th St. Photo Blog 7/16/2012
Letter of appreciation re: garden maintenance near Lake Chalet 11/30/11
Letter of support for Cryer Site Brownfields Grant application  11/16/11
Letter of support for Cryer Site Brownfields Grant application  10/6/10
Request to BCDC for Interim Bay Trail at Oak to Ninth 9/7/10
Position statement and recommendation on view corridors 3/16/10
Coalition comments on re-zoning re: Lake Merritt & environs  12/18/08
Coalition position statement on Oak to Ninth development Jun 05

Model Advocacy Letters for adaptation by Coalition members or organizations:
Model letter to city officials urging elevated priority for Bay Trail
Right-of-Entry Agreement model letter to Peralta Chancellor
High Street Bridge model letter to County Supervisor
Brooklyn Basin/10th Ave. Marina model letter to Port Commissioners
Army Corps Bay Trail easement model letter to legislators


2015 Eastlake Music Festival Report 5/23/2015
2015 Eastlake Music Festival handout - side1  5/23/2015
2015 Eastlake Music Festival handout - side2  5/23/2015

Love our Lake Day Program 6/9/13
Coalition narrative handout from Love Our Lake Day 6/9/13
Council resolution honoring the organizers, producers, and attending staff of Love Our Lake Day 7/17/2013
Love Our Lake Day Video by StreetFilms 6/9/2013
Lake Merritt Blvd. Celebration Committee 4/30/13
Lake Merritt Blvd. Celebration Committee 4/3/13
Lake Merritt Blvd. Celebration Committee 3/21/13
Lake Merritt Blvd. Celebration Committee 3/7/13
Lake Merritt Blvd. Celebration Committee 11/8/12

"Remainder Parcel"

Letter re: Coalition Review of Wind & Shadow Impact Studies 1/8/2015
City response to DD letters and documents 11/18/2014
Letter re: 12th St Remainder parcel 10/30/2014
East Bay Housing Organization Letter re: "Remainder Parcel" 10/10/14
Subcommittee report to Coalition on "Remainder Parcel" meeting 7/14/14
Letter re: proposed development of 12th St. Remainder parcel 5/21/2014
Table of affordable housing projects in Oakland 2013-2014

LM2BT Bridge

Design Revisions & BCDC DRB Comments  4-8-2019
Proposal for Measure DD funding 8-29-2017
Consensus summary of above proposal 1-15-2018
Comments re: above proposal 1-15-2018
Proposal for Measure DD funding updated 1-12-2018


Channel Improvement Project Request 9/17/2020
Lake to Estuary Committee Summary 5/20/2019
Background for Lake to Estuary Committee Summary 5/20/2019
Bay Trail Gap Tracking Chart
Bay Trail Subcommittee Crowley Site recommendation 9/14/2017
Bay Trail Subcommittee press release 3/5/2017
Simple map of gaps in Bay Trail 3/5/2017
EBRPD map of gaps in Bay Trail 9/19/2017
Homeless Encampment Task Force Proposal 9/19/16
Self-guided Walking Tour Proposal 9/19/16
Agenda Committee Guidelines 3/21/16
Series C Residual Priorities (aka: "Wish List") 11/16/15
Final Report DD "Lake Merritt Blvd Walking Tour" Task Group 11/16/15
Lake Merritt Needs Survey 3/17/2015
Revised 18th St. Pier nameplate preferred by Coalition 9/16/13
Sketch of 18th St. Pier nameplate preferred by Coalition 5/20/13
Joint presentation to Port Commission with Bay Trail staff 3/14/13
Transcript of Commission discussion following above presentation 3/14/13
Measure DD Public Art Program Presentation 3/19/12
Preliminary Plan for Lakeside Garden Center Entrance 5/22/10 
Lakeside Garden Center Gate Design Rendering 5/22/10
Pictures of sample kiosk and guard rail by Jack London Aquatic Center
  discussed 1/22/07, 4/16/07
Lake Merritt Projects FAQ 4/4/06
List of Council-approved As-Needed Consultants 3/16/04



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