San Francisco Bay Trail

The Bay Trail is conceived as a continuous ring trail around San Francisco Bay, providing public access to our region's shoreline.  Senate Bill 100 (1987) provided the legislative foundation and led to the development of plans and policies to be implemented by governmental agencies under the administrative coordination of the Association of Bay Area Governments.  Throughout the Bay, significant progress has been made since then, though
many areas are incomplete. 

In Oakland and Alameda, trail development has occurred on public lands or on private shoreline property undergoing development as a condition of the development permit.  Currently, major segments of the trail are complete, but many gaps remain. Measure DD includes many projects aimed at closing those gaps, including these:
Bay Trail Segment: Alameda Avenue
Lake Merritt Trail Improvements
Lake Merritt Channel Improvements
66th Avenue Gateway
Cryer Site Extension of Union Point Park
Derby / Lancaster Pocket Parks
Estuary Waterfront Access and Bay Trail Connections  
Brooklyn Basin
Bay Trail Around 3 Bridges to Alameda

Commercial mixed-use projects now in planning will provide Bay Trail connections in both Alameda and Oakland:
Alameda Landing
Alameda Point
Oak to Ninth Ave

Progress towards completion of the Trail occurs whenever commercial development is undertaken.  Recent examples include:
Bridgeside Center (Alameda)
Estuary Cove (Oakland)

The vision for the Bay Trail in Oakland is reflected in the Estuary Policy Plan (an adopted part of the City of Oakland's general plan).

For more information about the Bay Trail, visit the Bay Trail website, which offers a marvelous overall map of the East Bay waterfront providing scroll, zoom, and great detail.

The Bay Trail is shown on the map
as a red line:

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