Oakland Measure DD Bond Projects

Measure DD LogoIn November 2002, over 80% of Oakland voters passed Measure DD, a $198.25 million bond measure focused on waterfront improvements at Lake Merritt and the Estuary.  Funded projects include parks, trails, bridges, a recreation center, historic building renovations, land acquisition, and creek restoration.  Though these projects are being phased in over a number of years, some are already complete and many others are in progress.

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Completed Projects:
Union Point Park
Cryer Site Extension of Union Point Park
Bay Trail Segment: Alameda Avenue
Bay Trail Segment: Fruitvale - High St. gap closure
66th Avenue Gateway
12th St. Reconstruction & Park
Pergola Restoration at Lake Merritt
East 18th St. Pier Restoration
Lake Merritt Municipal Boathouse Restoration
Lake Merritt Water Quality Improvements
Lake Merritt Retaining Wall Restoration & Repair
Lakeside Park Central Irrigation System Controller
Lakeside Park Fire Protection System
Lakeside Park Sailboat House Renovation & Restoration (phase 1)
Lakeside Park Sailboat House Renovation & Restoration (phase 2)
Cleveland Cascade Park Renovation
Children's Fairyland sets, theaters & Fairy Music Farm
Studio One Arts Center Renovation
East Oakland Aquatic Sports and Recreation Facility
Derby / Lancaster Pocket Parks
Livingston Pier
Bellevue Avenue Reconfiguration
Lakeside Green Streets
Lake Merritt Trail Improvements (nearly complete)
Creek Restorations:  Temescal at Rockridge; Lion; Shepherd at Escher; Shepherd at Park; Cinderella; Arroyo Viejo; Butters Canyon, Claremont Creek, Sausal

Projects under construction:
Lake Merritt Channel Improvements at 10th St.

Projects scheduled for construction soon:

Projects awaiting design, permits, funding supplements, negotiations, etc:
Lake Merritt Channel Improvements at 7th St.
Estuary Bay Trail Connections  
Estuary Park
Crowley Site at Brooklyn Basin
Bay Trail Around 3 Bridges to Alameda
Watershed Preservation and Acquisition - ongoing

For further information on Measure DD projects,
please visit the City of Oakland Measure DD Projects Page.

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