Exhibit Labels

Following are the historic site labels for this exhibit.
Sites are identified on the map by dots.

 1 Oakland Builds an Airport
 2 Pioneer Aviators at the Oakland Airport
 3 Hegenberger Road to the Airport
 4 Dole Race into Danger
 5 The Oakland Airport During World War II
 6 Flight to the Future after World War II
 7 Is Bay Farm Island an Island?
 8 Creating New Land in San Leandro Bay
 9 San Leandro Creek and Its Watershed
10 Arrowhead Marsh
11 Time Warp Acorn
12 Endangered Species at the Regional Shoreline
13 On San Leandro Bay
14 The Seabird Club
15 How did Damon Slough get its Name?
16 Oyster Farms and Oyster Pirates
17 Homes Beside the Water
18 Let's Go Rowing
19 Boathouse Home to Olympic Gold
20 Estuary Transformed
21 The Civil War
22 White Gold on the Estuary  
23 Homeless Shelter in Pipe City
24 The Land of Cotton
25 The Government Builds an Island  
26 From Shipyard to Yacht Harbor
27 The Alaska Packers  
28 Cranes Alight at Encinal Terminals  
29 Lighthouse on the Move  
30 Oakland Yacht Club Finds a Harbor
31 Badger's Park  
32 Larue's Wharf  
33 Jack London Aquatic Center
34 Birds Find Sanctuary at Lake Merritt  
35 Slough Becomes Lake Merritt  
36 Invasions at the Lake
37 A Tent Chinatown  
38 Race to the Head of the Estuary
39 Alameda's Bethlehem Shipyard
40 Loading Lumber  
41 Bridges Become Tunnels
42 Birth on the Water  
43 Oakland's Produce Market
44 The Transcontinental Railroad Comes to Town
45 Jack London Square
46 Jack London's Cabin
47 First and Last Chance 
48 The California Yacht Club
49 Victorian Shipyards
50 Moore Dry Dock Co. Becomes Schnitzer Steel  
51 West Oakland and the Waterfront
52 Captain Shorey, Master Mariner
53 Rail, Water and Passengers  
54 The Shoreline - How it Used to Be
55 The Clippers of the Air  
56 Oakland Point and the Piers
57 Oakland Naval Supply Depot 
58 The City Takes Action on the Waterfront  
59 The Oakland Army Base 
60 Albers Milling Co. 
61 Tunnel Becomes Terminal 
62 Key to the Bay  
63 The Marsh That Restored Itself  
64 Philbrick Boat Works Preserves Tradition

  "Walk Along the Water"
  Oakland Museum of California, used with permission.

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